Website promotion of Transmetal - a rolled metal company
increase in traffic
from search engines
increase in company
How to bring a website to the TOP of search engines in a highly competitive niche
Project Timeline
February 2018
Launch of the new version of
on 1C-Bitrix platform
April 2018
Signing a contract with R52.RU for the website promotion
Project works are still in progress
About the Customer
The central office of the company is located in Nizhny Novgorod. For more than 19 years, Transmetal Group of Companies has been successfully engaged in wholesaling and retailing of ferrous metal products in Privolzhskiy Federal District. The company also provides gas cutting services and warehousing facilities for responsible storage of purchased goods.
To optimize the website according to the requirements of Yandex and Google
Attract the maximum traffic from search engines to the website by displaying the maximum number of thematic queries in the TOP
Ensure the highest level of conversion and a large number of orders from the company's website
Completed works

Analytics and Audit
Demand analysis
1. Search demand on the subject of rolled metal in Privolzhskiy Federal District exceeds
27,000 requests per month, in Nizhny Novgorod region it exceeds 5000 requests (excluding similar ones such as "angle", "pipe", etc.).

2. Demand is seasonal, increasing in the spring-summer period and falling during the period from early September to early March.
Competitor analysis
In the metal market both in Privolzhskiy district and in Nizhniy Novgorod region competition is very high. The most significant are 8 metal trading organizations. Websites and promotion strategies of these companies were analyzed according to the following criteria:

- traffic per day, week, month;
- domain age
- the number of pages in Yandex and Google;
- quantity and quality of the link juice;
- showing up in search engines.
Analysis of existing traffic
At the time of the contract execution in April of 2018, the company's website had 605 unique visitors per day, including 227 - direct visits to the website, 300 transitions from search engines, the rest were from some other sources. All traffic came from search engines on brand requests, resulting from personal knowledge of some consumers about Transmetal (regular customers, offline advertising, word of mouth, etc.).

The failure rate was 24%
Visit depth did not exceed 2.2 pages.
No more than 10 applications and about 14 calls were received from the website per month.
24 percent
bounce rate
2.2 pages
viewing depth
24 hits
per month from the website. Of these, not more than 10 applications and about 14 calls
The website did not undergo optimization and was not ready for search engine promotion.
The structure and content were not well developed and required improvement.
Slow loading of the website was observed, which led to deterioration in positions during search results and a decrease in conversion.
Website Audit
There were HTML layout errors.
From the point of view of usability, there was a need to rework the Price Lists and the module for sorting goods.

Semantic core
Based on the results of studying the products and services of the company, target audience and competitors, the semantic core for 2223 queries was assembled and clustered and a website map was compiled.

During generation of the semantic core, prompts from Yandex and Google were used, jargon expressions, abbreviations, as well as various variants of names were taken into account (for example, "profile pipe - profpipe", "WGP pipe - water and gas pipe").
Using scoring analysis, we identified groups that could quickly benefit from SEO.

A plan of technical work and promotion for 12 months was developed.

Engineering works
Structure of the website was re-worked
Distribution pages were added for product categories (marked in red) and cards were created for all products in the catalog.
Improved Price List
Tables with prices were displayed on all text pages in the catalog, which made it possible to cover the proper number of requests due to thematic keys, and to increase the relevance and weight of the pages. Adding a price list to the catalog made it possible to order a required product from other pages as well.

Sorting Module appearance change
Design elements were incorporated, the phrase "Sort by" was added, and sorting criteria were highlighted.
The following works were carried out:
Correct robots.txt and sitemap.xml files were added
Technical duplicates were removed
Microdistribution was implemented
The website was added to Yandex.Webmaster and the Google Search Console
Goals were configured in Yandex.Metrica
Layout errors got fixed
Installed end-to-end online chat and a callback button
Call tracking was installed and configured
SSL certificate
Works on implementation of the HTTPS / SSL protocol were carried out only 8 months upon the start of promotion (in February 2019), because it was safer to do in the "low season" due to the risk of losing 10-20% of positions and traffic.

Competent actions of R52.RU made it possible to avoid such complications.

Text optimization
Optimized meta tags
Unique content on landing pages was created, taking into account the semantic core. Information on the website was updated based on the analysis of competitor websites and requirements of the target audience
Link weight redistributed depending on importance of the pages

External optimization
Link juice improvement for the period from July 18, 2018 to July 12, 2019
The works on link juice were carried out gradually, smoothly and in small quantities, in order to avoid sanctions from search engines. We primarily used registration in companies directories, as well as the purchase of advertising links on thematic websites and blogs.
During the time of promotion, all the priority requests for the client were displayed in the TOP. Such frequency phrases as "buy black rolled metal", "buy rolled metal" and "rolled metal Nizhny Novgorod" were constantly displayed on the first results page by Yandex.

In July 2019, the first pages of search engines contained 1,745 search queries, which was 78.50% of all promoted queries.
The number of requests in TOP for July 2019 is indicated as on July 16, 2019.
The total number of requests in promotion as on July 16, 2019 was 2,223.
visits from search engines
traffic grew 4.86 times
Viewing depth
The number
of failures
decreased 2.5 times from 24% to 9.4%
Conversions and Orders
Currently, there is a constant increase in the number of applications and calls from the company's website. In June 2019, sales managers processed 44 applications and 158 calls from buyers of Transmetal Group.
During cooperation with R52.RU, 1748 new customers turned to the company.
The company's sales grew by 75%.