Search promotion for a new wholesale online store of construction products
queries in the top
of search engines
visits per month
onto the website
How a new online store may get a quick SEO result in a highly competitive environment.
Project Timeline
August, 2019
Start of the project. Traffic from search engines - 369, requests in the TOP - 0.
September, 2019
The first queries come up to the TOP. Traffic from the search engines - 524, requests in the TOP - 10.
November, 2019
451 requests in the TOP, 1213 unique visitors from organic search.
Continuation of the project in accordance with the approved 6-month plan
About the Customer
PetroKomplekt is a leading supplier of building materials, fasteners, components for tools, and protective equipment in the North-West of the Russian Federation. It has been operating since 2004. At the end of 2018, the website of the company, viz. was re-worked, and a new full-fledged online store was launched, focused on construction and production companies, mainly from St. Petersburg and Leningrad region.

Company's website:
To carry out search engine optimization of the new online store of PetroKomplekt
To carry out SEO-promotion in St. Petersburg
To display in the TOP of search engines the maximum number of commercially significant queries for the client
To get a steady consumer traffic from organic search
The main emphasis should be on attracting wholesale buyers and legal entities
Promotion budget should not exceed RUB 45,000 per month
Completed Works

Competitor Analysis
Judging by the search results, it became apparent that the main competitors of were large online stores of building materials operating not only in St. Petersburg, but throughout the Russian Federation. Most websites in TOP are not aggregators, but commercial sites, which might be beneficial with regard to obtaining good results from SEO.

To develop a further promotion strategy, all search leaders were analyzed according to the following criteria:
- number of indexed pages in Yandex and Google;
- age of the website and domain;
- availability and volume of SEO texts on category pages;
- availability of tagging;
- site visibility in search engines;
- link profile and anchors;
- listing size;
- availability of calls to action on the listing: "buy", "order", "proceed to shopping cart", etc .;
- availability of calls to action in the "product card".

Gathering and clustering
the semantic core
Works with the semantic core of the website were carried out in stages. They've began on the first day of the project and are currently ongoing.

In the base core, collected for the initial optimization of the entire website, there were about 500 keys, primarily consisting of requests with the words "supplier", "wholesaling", "wholesale", this was done to exclude traffic of non-targeted retail customers and to avoid an increase in the percentage of failures.

Further expansion of semantics occurred due to:
- adding abbreviations, slang expressions, and synonyms (for example, "clamp - screed", "perforated wavy tape - HDL tape", etc.),
- accounting for writing models of goods in Latin and Cyrillic ("din 603 bolts - дин 603 bolts"),
- analysis of associative queries (the right column of Yandex Wordstat).

For all additional requests, an automatic analysis of the issuance was carried out, based on which a decision was made on the possibility of adding each specific request to the core.

By October of 2019, the total number of queries in the semantic core was increased to 1268, in November their number amounted to 1607.

Works with the semantic core are currently ongoing.

Technical work
Robots.txt file configured
Technical redirects configured
Duplicate meta tags fixed
Tagging implemented
Checked and fixed of sitemap.xml file errors
Auto-generation of meta tags using masks was configured
Duplicate articles got removed
Goals were configured in Yandex.Metrica and Google Analytics
Micromarking of listing, contacts, goods, breadcrumbs has been introduced. This created optimal conditions for operation of search robots to structure information on the website and provide the user with a more comprehensive result.

Based on the results of a commercial audit, the following features were added:
- a page with the company details,
- a YML file in Yandex.Webmaster,
- an online chat for prompt replies to customer questions.

External optimization
An external optimization strategy has been developed. A work plan for a 6-months period has been drawn up. In order to purchase links, only thematic and quality websites were selected. Works on building up link mass began on the second month of promotion and is carried out gradually and carefully to avoid sanctions from search engines.
For the period from September 2019 to January 2020, 452 queries were displayed in the TOP. And in comparison with the period when the promotion was just launched, visitors came mainly from vital requests, currently it is 70% of commercial requests aimed at wholesale customers.
Traffic from search engines increased from 369 to 1213 visits per month and continues to grow.
The number of placed orders on the web site is also growing despite the fact that winter in the construction industry is a low season for goods and services.