Explosive performance campaign for a developer in Israel
14 days
to develop and conduct
an advertising campaign
138 leads
for sale of luxury real estate
in Israel
A short-term advertising campaign in the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet in Israel, aimed at attracting buyers of apartments in Aura City - a promising residential complex.
Project Timeline
November 1-6
Negotiations, preparation of a quotation, conclusion of a contract
November 7-13
Preparation and testing of advertising campaigns
November 14-29
Advertising campaign battle mode
December 2nd
About the Customer
Aura Israel is a company engaged in construction of residential facilities throughout Israel, as well as in Eastern Europe and the United States.

On November 30, 2018, it was planned to begin construction and sales of a large (over 100,000 sq. meters) modern Aura City residential complex in the city of Hadera on the Mediterranean coast.

The project was implemented with the assistance of the municipality, that wished to keep the residents of Hadera from relocating to other regions of Israel.
November 1, 2018
The head of the marketing department of Aura Israel contacted our office in Haifa with a request to develop an advertising campaign to attract Russian-speaking buyers of Hadera at the start of sales.

Also, by agreement with the city administration, Aura was ready to provide the first 100 buyers (to residents of Hadera and their relatives only) a 10% discount.
November 6, 2018
The contract was concluded and the goals were setup:
The first one. Within the 3 weeks before the start of sales, to organize an effective advertising campaign among Russian-speaking residents of Hadera and their relatives from other regions.

The second one. Offer marketing activities to promptly inform potential buyers about the start of sales and attractive conditions at the beginning of construction for city residents.
Analysis of the situation
Together with the team we thought over the main directions
State of the real estate market in Israel
- high activity of developers, significant competition, a lot of new and secondary residential facilities on the market;

- more than 70% of the country's citizens and newly arriving repatriates prefer not to rent housing, but to buy it.

- more than 32,000 apartments are sold in the country per year, the prices are constantly growing (over 10 years the prices grew 45%);

- the Government of Israel is taking measures to ensure that housing prices are consistent with the middle-class earnings;

- the number of young families who were able to buy their own housing increased by 30% over the previous 5 years;

- availability and low cost of mortgage lending for the population (about 2% per annum), mortgage payments are comparable to the cost of rent;

- more than 8% of apartments are bought for investment purposes;

- Hadera and its suburbs have been a leader in housing construction in Israel since 2013.
Specifics of the Israeli Internet
- The Internet is rather slow throughout the country, so "heavy" websites with animation and special effects are not used;

- users are not demanding on design; they prefer simple and clear interfaces;

- in Israel, Russian-speaking users make up about 15% of the audience (approximately 1,200,000 people), there is a large number of websites in Russian;

- the most popular websites of the Russian-language Internet segment are Facebook (+ Instagram), Google and VK;

- Russian-speaking Israelis prefer not to use Yandex to search for information within the country;

- due to their religious traditions, efficiency of advertising is significantly reduced on Shabbat (from Friday evening to Sunday morning);

- moderation of advertisements on Israeli Facebook and Google if the campaign is managed from Russia can be difficult and may take longer.
A portrait of the target audience has been compiled
- Russian-speaking residents of Hadera and its suburbs within a radius of 18 km (this was a condition put forward by the city municipality);

- newlyweds and families with children;

- parents of students completing higher and special education programs;

- contract officers and military personnel - natives of Hadera preparing for retirement;

- new Israeli citizens (repatriates) who have relatives in Hadera;

- private investors born and raised in Hadera;

- elderly natives currently residing in megacities and planning to relocate to a calmer and more comfortable place.
Quantitative assessment of potential audience
- according to Facebook, the forecasted audience of the Russian segment that would meet the necessary criteria was 43,000 people;

- according to VK, 9,400 people use this social network in Hadera region;

- It was not possible to get reliable information on approximate reach from Google (Google estimated the target audience in the Hadera region at 2.1 million people, which was almost 2 times the number of all Russian-speaking people in Israel in general);

- it was also found out that there were practically no direct targeted queries related to "buying an apartment in a new building" on Google.

Competitor analysis
- most construction sites are very similar to each other, fit on one computer screen, present dry figures, and do not trigger any emotions;

- competitors' websites are inconvenient for viewing on mobile devices, as they are either poorly adapted, or use the responsive layout only;

- there is no emphasis on the unique trading offers of building companies. Marketing methods in the form of promotions, discounts, sales, etc, are not used either.

- at the time of the study, there was no significant advertising activity from developers around the web: in respect of the search topic in the Google Display Network in the Russian language only bulletin boards ads were found, and there were no Russian-speaking groups on social networks dedicated to buying residential apartments in new buildings.
Strategy Development
Public lottery
Для привлечения внимания покупателей и мощного стимулирования потребительского спроса на квартиры в Aura City предложено организовать лотерею по розыгрышу права получить скидку 10% от стоимости недвижимости и широко её пропиарить.

Необходимо отметить, что это очень выгодное предложение для рынка Израиля, т.к. в среднем по комплексу Aura City скидка на квартиру составляла 110 000 шекелей (около 1 900 000 руб.).

Предложено разыграть в лотерее все 100 квартир со скидкой.
По требованию застройщика в правила лотереи внесен пункт, что для участия необходимо предъявить банковский чек на 100 000 шекелей, который в случае выигрыша будет зачтен в качестве первого взноса за квартиру.
Ad channels
- targeted ads on Facebook and VK
- Google Display Network contextual advertising.

Campaigning in Google search and Yandex was considered inappropriate.
Landing page
To receive and process advertising traffic, it was required to create a convenient adaptive landing page.
Completed works
During the shortest possible time, a full-fledged advertising campaign has been launched
Landing page and analytics
Landing page created on the basis of our turnkey solution (see auracity.r52.ru).

The main task of the landing page was to tell visitors about the goal of the lottery, its rules and to motivate them to fill out the "Registration Form" or make a phone call to the sales office.

Analytics systems of Yandex Metric and Google have been connected.

The website was integrated with the customer's CRM. After filling out and submitting the form, information about the applicant immediately went to the Aura sales manager, who was obliged to contact him by phone, answer questions, and send required documents.
Contextual Advertising Campaigns
An advertising campaign has been developed for the Google Display Network, aimed at consumers interested in buying an apartment + to make visitors return to the website.
Targeted social media ads
Facebook and VK groups have been created and filled out with necessary information. Advertising creatives were developed: due to lack of time, only 20 options for banners and advertising texts were developed. 3 display strategies were prepared: related to reach, traffic, and conversion. 12 audience categories were collected.
A / B testing campaigns in Google, FB and VK
Upon completion of the 4-day tests, the following results were obtained:

- Google: 4587 displays, 48 transfers, goal achievement (filling out a form or a making call) 0;

Facebook: 9963 displays, 201 transfers, goal achievement - 19, price per lead: about 200 rubles;

- VK: 2490 displays, 29 transfers, goal achievement - 0;

- the highest cost-performance ratio was demonstrated by the traffic-aiming strategy;

- 3 leaders were identified among the developed creatives based on a combination of click-through-conversion indicators.

Conclusions and decisions.
The main efforts and budget should be focused on targeted advertising on Facebook, increasing the reach and frequency of advertising. Use only the most effective creatives and the traffic-related delivery strategy.

Campaign financing on Google and VK should be maintained at the level of a test campaign in order to increase media coverage of the audience and associated conversions.
The advertising campaign was put into combat mode and lasted for 15 days before the start of the lottery.
Additional activities
A database of the most popular Russian-speaking Israeli groups on various topics in FB has been compiled, which published posts on the unique Aura offer (native advertising) with the links to the landing page. Some members of these groups expressed the opinion that any lottery and drawing of apartments was a hoax. The negative feedback was worked out, it was explained to the doubters that it was not a "freebie", but a chance to win the right to a discount. As a result, we were able to get additional free coverage, as well as referrals to the website and applications.
November 29
at 6:00 p.m.

Eastern European time, the advertising campaign was suspended and the first results were summed up.
94 359
Ads were displayed
through various channels
19 983
users reached from the "Russian street"
of the Hadera region
average ads display frequency per user
on all channels
leads received
people filled out the
registration form on the site
people called from the website
to the office
Total number of transfers to the website: 1389
Facebook - 1027
Google - 220
VK - 142

All leads were from Facebook (+ Instagram + Audience Network).
Achieved Goals and KPI
Of 141 people who filled out the registration form on the website and called the office from the website 64 people met all the requirements and took part in the lottery.

27 people became winners and concluded contracts for the purchase of 3-room apartments in the Aura City complex at a discount.
The revenue of Aura Israel only on the first installment from customers attracted by R52.RU as on November 30 amounted to 2,700,000 shekels (48,700,000 rubles)
We don't want to count other people's money and don't know the total cost of the contracts, but if we take into account the minimum price of an apartment of 990,000 shekels (17,820,000 rubles at the current rate), then the minimum potential revenue for our customer from "our" customers can be total of ..., well, big money.