Mobile application for the rental service of AST-Online special equipment
AST-Online Startup is planning to launch a system that will allow users to rent any special equipment in any point of Russia in real time without intermediaries and on favorable terms.
Design and develop a mobile application for owners, with the help of which they could easily and clearly communicate to potential customers information on availability, technical characteristics, location and renting cost of their special equipment, establish communication with the client and pay for inclusion of their data into the system.

Develop a web interface (website) for customers (potential renters), using which they could quickly find the necessary equipment in their region at a favorable price.
Registration in the system
Personal Account
Status system
A general diagram of the system was developed
Publication on the website
Applications from customers
Equipment owner
An interactive application prototype was created and initial usability testing was conducted
A unified UI kit for mobile application and web interface was developed
Entry field
Multi-line field
Drop-down list
Drop-down menu
Screen layouts of a mobile application and web interface were designed
Backend - Django Framework for Python

Frontend - Kotlin

The following features were implemented for renters:
- search for special equipment by the following parameters: region, type of equipment, specific characteristics that depend on the type of equipment, for example, lift height, lift weight, volume, load capacity, etc.

- display of search results (cards of special equipment) on Yandex.Maps based on statuses of the equipment

- the ''contact the owner'' function
Functionality for owners of special equipment:
1. Registration

2. User profile

3. "Garage" - a personal account where all data on equipment offered for rent is entered

- It is required to specify the location, type of equipment, characteristics, features, add a photo from the archive or take a photo directly from the application

- With the help of check boxes, the owner of the equipment can mark the selected fields for further activation by debiting a required amount from the balance

- The owner can add / remove positions, view the equipment on the map or as a list

- "Garage" displays data on the available funds of the client and the timing of placement

4. Available funds management

5. Messaging system

6. News publishing and management system